• Triathlon – 3 is the magic number

    Triathlon – It’s not about finding your limits. It’s about finding out what lies just beyond them. In July 2021 Kristian Blummenfelt took the Olympic triathlon gold, after ten years of intense training and preparation. Most of us would be happy to ‘rest on our laurels’  a while, and bask in the glory.  But the…

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  • Training with Airofit can improve your breathing and contribute to Covid recovery

    Part 2/2 – Read Part 1 here Breathless, winded, can hardly catch my breath… There are many ways we express that feeling of not having enough air. While athletes and fitness enthusiasts might be used to doing ‘cardio’ and building up their heart and lung strength, most people only really pay attention to their breathing when some moderate…

  • Airofit training aids recovery from Covid-19 infections & Long Covid

    Part 1/2 – Read Part 2 here Airofit aids recovery from Covid-19 infections & Long Covid The Airofit training system evolved from a medical device, invented to help people dealing with COPD and asthma. As a company we have always been driven by the desire to improve breathing and increase global awareness of the benefits of…

Focus area of the month

August, named after a celebrated Roman emperor, usually sees plenty of sunshine and a famous annual meteor shower. 

It’s also a busy month in the world of sports and health.

We’ll be focusing on the importance of breathing training for CrossFit, cycling, Triathlon and swimming.

There are a number of big global and local events, including world lung cancer day on the 1st, the CrossFit games on 4th and closer to home, the Copenhagen Ironman kicks off on the 21st.

After the thrills of the Tour de France, our attention turns to the final grand tour of the cycling season, the mighty La Vuelta in Spain. 

Then later this month it’s speedos and goggles at the ready as we dive into the European swimming championships on the 22nd.