Crossfitter Frederik Aegidius running in Iceland. Airofit respiratory training device can help him improve his Respiratory Strength, Vital Lung Capacity, Anaerobic Tolerance, and Instant Performance through tested breathing exercises.


Crossfitter Frederik Aegidius on how Airofit affects his performance

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Glad you asked. Airofit is a respiratory training system that consists of a breathing trainer and a mobile application. Combination of both provides you with tested training programs that are proven to improve your physical performance by up to 15% within just 8 weeks, training only 5-10 minutes twice a day. 

Your respiratory muscles are just like any other muscle group - providing resistance on them improves their strength, speed, and efficiency. That's exactly what the Airofit breathing trainer does. This resistance is adjusted based on your age, gender, size, and preference. Apart from that the breathing trainer measures and sends all exercise data to your smarphone. 

Airofit Breathing Trainer - a respiratory training device that is designed to improve athletes' performance through breathing exercises that focus on Respiratory Strength, Vital Lung Capacity, Anaerobic Tolerance and Instant Performance
Airofit mobile application is a part of the Airofit Breathing Training System. The app in combination with the respiratory training device will improve your Respiratory Strength, Anaerobic Tolerance, as well as your Vital Lung Capacity.


Airofit is the first breathing trainer that connects respiratory training with latest technology. The mobile app consists of various exercises, training programs, and sessions. As the breathing trainer sends data to your phone, your mobile app provides live guidance, feedback and the ability to track your progress. 

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One of our athletes training with the Airofit Breathing Trainer, which is a respiratory training device designed to improve athletes performance through tested breathing exercises

What do you get?

We offer our users four benefits, each one of which contributes significantly towards an increased physical performance. 

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Crossfitter Frederik Aegidius training using the Airofit Breathing Trainer and the mobile application. The combination of both the app, and the respiratory training device allows Frederik to improve his performance through breathing exercise

But you don't have to take our word for it

Our athletes will vouch for us.

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We will be a part of KMD Ironman Copenhagen from the 15th to 17th of August at the Future of Sports section. If you're around to pick up your number, come by and learn how to give yourself another edge over the competition!

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We will be a part of KMD Ironman Copenhagen, where athletes will learn how they can use Airofit's respiratory training device to improve their performance within triathlon

The wait is almost over!

Airofit is close to hitting the shelves and you might not want to miss out. Sign up for a priority purchase and be among the first ones to get your hands on your own breathing trainer!