• We asked for your opinions – here are the results!

    At Airofit, we want to bring better breathing to the world. But are we really doing this? That was the main question we wanted to answer in our big user survey sent out in April 2023. But before we answer this question, let’s dig a bit into understanding who answered our survey. The respondents We…

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  • Lisa: Asthma and training with Airofit

    Diagnosed with asthma As many others around the world, Lisa was diagnosed with asthma at a very young age. She recalls that, as a child, one day, she suddenly felt like she could not breathe at all and panicked. She needed to be taken to the hospital in an emergency and even needed to be…

    lisa with airofit

  • The 86-year old novice swimmer

    ELSA’S BACKGROUND Elsa is one of a kind….one of those great examples that you do not find quite often. A mother of 7, she was always a brilliant mind. Against all odds, she got her PhD right before turning 50. And although history was always her passion (mainly due to her education – strongly marked…

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