How breath training helped Emmans reduce Long Covid symptoms

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July 28, 2023

While the Airofit breathing trainer might assist with respiratory issues, Airofit is not a medical device nor made for treating illness.

Emmans is a 40-year-old IT professional from the Philippines and a loving dad of two little kids. He’s also pretty serious about his health and fitness level, as he bikes 4 times a week. He has been living his life to the fullest until the day he got Covid, after which he experienced the lingering symptoms of long Covid for a while.

“Taking even 5 steps on the stairs, I had to hold the wall. Standing for too long made me breathless. I was not used to this feeling and I was close to giving up!”

The profile

Name: Emmans
Age: 40
Family status: Married, has two young children
Occupation: IT professional & business owner
Hobbies: Biking, Playing the guitar, Singing, and spending time with family
Condition: Long Covid Symptoms

The Long Covid story

Emmans caught Covid pretty early and had to quarantine for 21 days. He got the cold, fever and cough, but on day 30, his condition worsened. The oxygen level went down to 81% and he got hospitalized:

emman covid

“This was very new to me. I know my comfort level and what I’m capable of with my lungs”. 

After a few days of proper medication, he was able to breathe without supplemental oxygen. But the problem was the test result from the spirometer.

“My first test showed 500 ml of the active lung capacity. That’s really low and I needed to help my lungs to exercise. During my hospitalization everyone focused on healing. Nobody focused on rehabilitation or warned us about Long Covid” 

The Airofit journey

After being hospitalized for two weeks, Emmans really wanted to get his life back and reduced long Covid symptoms. Having a heart rate of 180 bpm and being out of breath during any move led him toward depression. He was almost giving up. Then he spotted Airofit and made a plan to take the rehabilitation from Long Covid into his own hands. He ordered Airofit and took the initial test. The app measured 1.2 L of accessible lung capacity. He admits that the training wasn’t easy, but tracking the changes in the metrics was very motivating. 

emmans with airofit

“If you really follow the program, you can see the progress every two weeks. Once you see the increase of your accessible lung capacity, you get the motivation” 

It took Emmans around 4 months to get back on track and he’s currently measured 7.1L in accessible lung capacity. That’s an amazing progression!

“I think that without Airofit, it might have been 6 months to a year to recover. Once I shared the story with my community, they also confirmed that exercising helped them to recover”

emmans vital lung capacity all time
Screenshots from Emmans’ Airofit App
emmans vital lung capacity
Screenshots from Emmans’ Airofit App

But the best part is that Emmans now feels even better than before Covid. He began biking again and with no need to catch his breath. His stress levels and blood pressure decreased while his heart rate went back to normal. 

Emmans believes that our body heals itself and recovers. The technology assists well and there should be no excuse. And no need to lose hope!

Emmans’s testimonial on Facebook!

“Great job Airofit! This device helped me (my lungs) recover from Long Covid effects 🙂

During Covid, my Lung Capacity was less than 1L. Once I was healed after 1 month, my lung capacity was 2.5L. Normal Lung Capacity for male is 5.5L. Anything above is considered athletic. Now I’m at 7.2 Liters.

Good product, service and warranty services. Thank you and God bless my friends in Airofit Denmark.” (Jonnah Emmans Lazaro Nana, January 11th 2023)

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