They Airofit System consists of a mobile application and a respiratory training device. The combination of both is designed to improves athletes' performance


What's the point and why should you care about better breathing?

Airofit Breathing Trainer is a respiratory training device that will improve your physical performance through tested breathing exercises.

The idea behind Airofit

What's the first thought that comes to mind after a devastating workout? Usually, it's that you should work out more, get in better shape. Hopefully, by pushing harder, you won't feel so tired eventually. 

Unfortunately, that logic is kind of flawed. That's fighting the symptom instead of addressing the problem at its core. Your respiratory system can be trained just like any other muscular system, and that means that by training your breathing you will be able to increase your physical performance.

How does it work?

The principal behind using the Airofit respiratory trainer is the same as training any other muscle group. 

Airofit generates resistance on your respiratory muscles - mainly the diaphragm and the intercostal muscles, causing fatigue, which is then overcompensated by the muscle tissue, making the muscles stronger. 

The best part - of all the body’s muscle groups, the ones with the power to make a fast difference for performance are the respiratory muscles. Greater respiratory strength and stamina means better performance for longer periods of time. 

Using the Airofit Breathing Trainer together with the mobile app will allow you to boost your physical performance. The respiratory training device will provide resistance on your respiratory muscles, while the app will give feedback and track progress

Airofit Breathing Trainer works together with a mobile application to bring the best respiratory training results.

Who is Airofit for?

The beauty of Airofit  is that it can and should be used by anyone - from Olympic athletes to amateurs who just want to become better versions of their current selves. 

Training with Airofit requires only 5-10 minutes every day and it can lead up to a 15% increase in physical performance within just 8 weeks. This means that it can be fit into even the busiest schedules and it doesn't require what we normally think of physical effort, as it does not cause muscle fatigue, nor is it affected by it.

How do I know it really works?

AMBU International has conducted a clinical survey regarding the effect Airofit has on exercise performance. The study was based on expiratory and inspiratory resistance training. The performance effect was measured in a standard Cooper running test before and after a two-month trial.

68 people were divided into 3 groups, which spent 8 weeks training with different resistance levels. Group 1 was a control group and trained with virtually no resistance -o.5%. Group 2 trained with 33% resistance, while Group 3 had the the difficult task of 50% resistance training. 

The results show that those in Group 1 (control group) increased their performance by 0.5 %, Group 2 improved by 8% and Group 3 improved athletic performance  by 15 %.

This proves that the higher the training intensity using Airofit, the stronger the user’s respiratory muscles become, thereby enabling higher performance.

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Respiratory training is backed by scientific results. Using Airofit's respiratory training device improves performance through boosting Respiratory Strength, Vital Lung Capacity, Anaerobic Tolerance, as well as Instant Performance

The brief history of Airofit.

The device that eventually became the Airofit breathing trainer was originally developed and tested by the healthcare company Ambu - an international Danish company developing, producing and marketing medical equipment for hospitals and rescue services. It was designed for medical use for patients suffering from Asthma and COPD.

Airofit's founder and now CEO Christian Tullberg Poulsen is a classically trained singer who at that time saw some potential in the device to be used for singers to improve their performance. Christian was convinced that the device would survive tests in non-medical environments and situations,  so he gave 30 top-level singers at the Music Institute of Copenhagen the opportunity to exercise with it. Within 6 weeks, not only could they sing stronger for longer, many were also able to expand their vocal range.

Since all three of Christians sons are competitive swimmers, he decided to take it up a notch and utilize the full potential of breathing training. That's when he bought the patent from Ambu and turned it into what has now become Airofit. 

Airofit ensures respiratory muscle training by incorporating the latest technology. The mobile App provides you with tested breathing exercises, live feedback and ability to track your progress

Expanding the horizons

Christian knew already then, that he wanted the analog Ambu product transformed into an intelligent training device. The new Airofit programmers were putting down considerable time and created advanced embedded software capable of interacting with a unique application, making Airofit the world's only respiratory training system with live feedback.

Danish Tech Challenge

Working with a crew of top-flight specialists, Airofit invested six months in preparing for The Danish Tech Challenge 2017, the most intensive accelerator program for ambitious hardware startups in Denmark. In January 2018 our efforts were rewarded. We outperformed over 140 other companies to qualify for the finals alongside 5 other candidates. Airofit presented its business concept and demonstrated our progress to a huge audience of prominent people. 

Train your Respiratory Strength, Vital Lung Capacity and Anaerobic Tolerance, using latest technology together with the breathing training device.The mobile App provides you with tested breathing exercises, live feedback and ability to track your progress

The wait is almost over!

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