What's the first thought that comes to mind after a devastating workout, when you're completely out of breath? Usually, it's that you should work out more, get in better shape. Hopefully, by pushing harder, eventually you won't run out of breath. 

There might be some truth to it, but unfortunately, that logic is kind of flawed. That's fighting the symptom instead of addressing the problem at its core. Your respiratory muscles can be trained just like any other muscle group - by focusing on them directly, you can make your muscles stronger, faster, and more efficient. By doing so, you will improve your overall physical performance.


The principal behind using the Airofit Breathing trainer is the same as training any other muscle group. Airofit generates resistance on your respiratory muscles - mainly the diaphragm and the intercostal muscles, causing fatigue, which is then overcompensated by the muscle tissue, making the muscles stronger. Of all the body’s muscle groups, the ones with the power to make a fast difference for performance are the respiratory muscles. Greater respiratory strength and stamina means better performance for longer periods of time.

Airofit Breathing trainer - Respiratory training device designed to improve your performance


Airofit has combined respiratory training with the latest technology by connecting the trainer to your smartphone. While the breathing trainer provides resistance, it also measures data about your respiratory strength and volume and sends that data straight to the mobile application. The app then provides live guidance and feedback, as well as allows you to track your progress. This ensures that all exercises are performed correctly. 


The beauty of Airofit is that it can and should be used by anyone - from Olympic athletes to amateurs who just want to become better versions of their current selves. Training with Airofit requires only 5-10 minutes every day and it can lead up to a 8% increase in physical performance within just 8 weeks. This means that it can fit into even the busiest schedules and it doesn't require what we normally think of physical effort, as it does not cause muscle fatigue, nor is it affected by it.


AMBU International has conducted a clinical survey regarding the effect Airofit has on exercise performance. The study was based on expiratory and inspiratory resistance training. The performance effect was measured in a standard Cooper running test before and after a two-month trial. 68 people were divided into 3 groups, which spent 8 weeks training with different resistance levels. Group 1 was a control group and trained with virtually no resistance -o.5%. Group 2 trained with 33% resistance, while Group 3 had the the difficult task of 50% resistance training. The results show that those in Group 1 (control group) increased their performance by 0.5%, Group 2 improved by 8% and Group 3 improved athletic performance by 15%. This proves that the higher the training intensity using Airofit, the stronger the user’s respiratory muscles become, thereby enabling higher performance.
Read the full research paper here.