Extra Mouthpieces – Advanced

Get your hands on extra mouthpieces for your Airofit breathing trainer.

While some prefer the Simple version, others like to hold the trainer tighter between their teeth with the Advanced variant.

The advanced mouthpieces come in three different sizes, so there’s a size for everyone. The Large is the default size included with your Airofit breathing trainer.

Please note that your order will include 2x mouthpieces of your selected variant.

NB: The mouthpieces are compatible for all Airofit breathing trainers.

Disclaimer: Due to hygienic considerations, we do not recommend sharing your Airofit with other people. Even though the mouthpieces are interchangeable, the reason for this is the ease of cleaning. Saliva can still make it into the breathing trainer itself, which can potentially result in bacteria or virus transmission.

If you do choose to share your trainer with others, please follow the guidelines of thorough cleaning processes between each training session. Find instructions in the Maintenance section of the User Manual.