By training the flexibility of your diaphragm, you can increase your vital lung capacity. This means you can inhale more oxygen into your lungs with one breath. 

Just like any other muscle group, working on your breathing muscles makes them stronger, faster and more efficient, lowering energy consumption.

Getting your muscles used to perform in an oxygenless environment ensures prolonged ability to perform at high intensities for longer periods.

Improve your oxygenation, blood circulation, and mental concentration to put your body in the right state of tension physically and mentally right before the moments that matter the most.


The idea behind Airofit, how it works and who it's for.

How the idea was born and the path to success. 


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"It was designed for medical use for patients suffering from Asthma and COPD."

The device that eventually became the Airofit breathing trainer was originally developed and tested by the healthcare company Ambu - an international Danish company developing, producing and marketing medical equipment for hospitals and rescue services. It was designed for medical use for patients suffering from Asthma and COPD. Airofit's founder and now CEO Christian Tullberg Poulsen is a classically trained singer who at that time saw some potential in the device to be used for singers to improve their performance. Christian was convinced that the device would survive tests in non-medical environments and situations,  so he gave 30 top-level singers at the Music Institute of Copenhagen the opportunity to exercise with it. Within 6 weeks, not only could they sing stronger for longer, many were also able to expand their vocal range. Since all three of Christians sons are competitive swimmers, and the oldest one qualified for Nordic Youth Championships, he decided to take it up a notch and see full Airofit's potential in the sports field. Two months of training with Airofit, and his son came back from the Championships with 7 gold medals. At that point it was clear - they had discovered something special. That's when Christian bought the patent from Ambu and turned it into what has now become Airofit. 


Christian knew already then, that he wanted the analog Ambu product transformed into an intelligent training device. The new Airofit programmers were putting down considerable time and created advanced embedded software capable of interacting with a unique application, making Airofit the world's only respiratory training system with live feedback, guidance and progress tracking. Airofit approached Italian breathing expert Mike Maric to help develop the various training programs that would focus on different areas of breathing. This set Airofit in a completely different league from any competition on the market. 


Working with a crew of top-flight specialists, Airofit invested six months in preparing for The Danish Tech Challenge 2017, the most intensive accelerator program for ambitious hardware startups in Denmark. In January 2018 our efforts were rewarded. We outperformed over 140 other companies to qualify for the finals alongside 5 other candidates. Airofit presented its business concept and demonstrated our progress to a huge audience of prominent people.