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Airofit Premium

Airofit PRO +
7 USD monthly or 40 USD yearly

Breathing training device

Adjustable resistance levels

Simple breathing exercises

Basic training guidance

General training history overview

Bluetooth connectivity

17 advanced breathing exercises

Live guidance and feedback

Measure lung capacity and function

Data-driven, personalized training

Track last 30 days of training progress

Unlimited tracking of training progress

Detailed lung test & training history

Focus area-specific training programs

Peer data comparison

Advanced Statistics

Training tips

Airofit Active

Simple and effective.

If you want to improve your health, overall well-being and physical performance through guided fundamental breathing exercises, then Airofit Active is the perfect tool for you!

Airofit Active is a simplified version of our Airofit PRO breathing trainer.

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3 simple training sessions 

Adjustable resistance levels

See historic training data

App offers simple training guidance

No Bluetooth connectivity or electronics

Airofit PRO

Smart and data-driven.

Airofit PRO is the world's first truly smart breathing training device.

The PRO measures your current lung function and personalizes all training. Live guidance ensures you train correctly and the data-driven approach allows for consistent progress which can be tracked over time.

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17 unique breathing sessions 

Personalized programs

Real-time guidance

Progress tracking

Measure current lung function

Bluetooth connectivity

Airofit Premium features

1. Personalized Programs

Take the next step in personalized training. We have now added tried and validated protocols for goal specific training to the Airofit app.

Whether you want to focus on improving the quality of your sleep, or boost your sports performance, Airofit has directly trained some of the world's top athletes and worked with experts in a variety of specialty areas to develop programs that address your specific training goals.

Airofit is for swimmers, as well as everyone else

2. Advanced statistics

See how your lung capacity and function has changed over the last week, month or even year.

You'll have access to your training stats, progress over time as well as the ability to compare your progress to that of your bio-data peers (people of the same age, height and weight).

3. Training tips

Not sure if you are doing well? We are introducing data-driven training tips. Our app can now use your training data and tell you where you stand compared to your peers and their training habits and progress.

This allows you to receive suggestions and make potential adjustments to your training routine.

Airofit is for swimmers, as well as everyone else