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Rediscover your sexuality through breath training

Yoga Master, Certified Breathworker, and Founder of Evolutionary Breathwork - Christopher Gladwell will dig into how Tantric breathing can revitalize your relationship. He will be covering:

  • Introduction to breathwork - what it actually is
  • Why couples should train their breathwork together
  • Introduction to Tantric breathing
  • Five clear practices that you can take away to weave into your life
  • The benefits of Tantric breathing

February 13, 8 pm CET

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A word from Chris Gladwell

Yoga Master, Certified Breathworker, and Founder of Evolutionary Breathwork

Deep practice, study and living the vision of non-dual yoga and tantra in its manifold facets (physical practice-asana, bodywork, breathwork and pranayama, meditation and mindfulness, vibration and mantra, devotion and bhakti for nearly 40 years.

I was initiated into the Vedic Dasnami Sanyass, have worked for 15 years with Shamanic teachers, and was an apprentice in a Vajrayana lineage.I have received initiation into core practices of deep mantra, meditation and teachings that have inspired and directed my life.

I’ve taught internationally for twenty years around Europe, Africa and Asia.I’m also a trained biologist and multi qualified in contemporary psychotherapy, clinical hypnotherapy, NLP, conscious breathwork, fascial bodywork and functional anatomy.

Airofit is for swimmers, as well as everyone else
Airofit is for swimmers, as well as everyone else

My teachings are rippling with the relationships between us as biology, our bodies, minds, emotions, psychology and more. The practices derived from the worlds of yoga, shamanism, meditation and mindfulness through Holokinesis help us find peace of mind, clarity, optimal flow, peak performance and spiritual depth and realisation.

Liberating practices from the accretions of culture and religion we can access a secular base to practice rooted in biology, psychology and neuroscience and find our unique way of connecting to all that is through direct experience.

Do the amount of years of my practice matter?
No. And, yes if those years have been filled with deep study, practice, and living this vision. The benefits of this experience come directly to you, condensed, simplified and in an easily applicable form.