3-weeks course by Ronnie Lindeskov

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  • Do you want to learn, practice and improve your breathing?
  • Are you between 40 and 90years old?
  • Are you committed to invest 2 x 6minutes of your life each day in a period of 3 weeks?
  • Are you ready for your official individual on-boarding at Barsebäck Golf Resort & Country Club week 48 & 49?
  • Are you on-site at Barsebäck once every week 49, 50 & 51 for your individual coaching sessions?
  • If you answer YES to all of them, then this course is perfect for you!


  • "Based on my own experiences, I promise that by signing up you will experience joy and fun when collecting all the benefits of improving your breathing in your golf swing!


    Grab your seat and sign up now!"


    - Ronnie Lindeskov | PGA Professional


Find out how breathing exercises can improve your golf game from this video!




  • On-boarding briefing in week 48 & 49
  • Your own Airofit PRO during the 3-week study
  • Your first 1:1 individual 45 min session during weeks 48 or 49
  • Your second 1:1 individual 30 min session during week 49 or 50
  • Your third 1:1 individual 30 min session during week 50 or 51
  • Your fourth 1:1 individual 45 min session during week 51 or 52
  • Membership to a closed Facebook GOLF HACK EXPERIENCE study group
  • Q&A sessions with coach, PGA Professional, Ronnie Lindeskov
  • Documentation of your progress and improvements when completed the study
  • Your GOLF HACK EXPERIENCE STUDY price is 1.495 SEK
  • (Value 5.280 SEK)
  • Additional 995 SEK if you choose to keep your new Airofit PRO trainer hardware after your completed 3-week study


In respect of COVID-19 it will be a mix of outdoor and remote on-boarding, your 2 x 6 minutes daily home breathing exercises with your AiroFit breathing trainer, weekly re-mote team coach sessions, individual sessions at Barsebäck Academy




Your 1ST individual on-boarding session in Barsebäck Academy (45min)

We measure your lung capacity with the Airofit PRO system

Your starting point and first program set up


We measure:

  • Your swing with K Motion 360 degree sensor system
  • Your rotation numbers, speed numbers, efficiency to the club
  • Your golf club and ball with TrackMan radar
  • The club and ball speed, dispersion, and length on your golf shots
  • Your mental energy with EEG FocusBand system
  • If you use Left or right brain during a golf swing and level of focus  


The purpose of your first individual session is to gather data points on your starting point and progress of improvements during the 3 weeks study period.

When you join this GOLF HACK EXPERIENCE STUDY with AiroFit you will achieve better wellbeing and body posture, more flexibility, stability, and more speed in your golf swing.


Your 2nd and 3rd Individual session in Barsebäck Golf & Country Club (30min)

Follow up on your daily Airofit training. Your feedback and progress  

Checking impact on your rotation and speed numbers on the body

Checking your club and ball numbers  

On-boarding to your next level Airofit program


Your 4th Individual session in Barsebäck Golf & Country Club (45min)

Final session and conclusion on your feedback and progress during the 3 weeks study  

We test, compare and conclude your study program results with your data points.


At this point we expect that your experience of progress has been inspiring and motivating for you with a preference to continue to strengthen your breathing muscle and journey towards better golf and wellbeing!



Do you want to get stronger, feel better, move your potential to the next level & get more energy and endurance?

Improving these capabilities being a golf player will give you more freedom in your body movement patterns, larger rotation for a bigger and longer swing hitting the ball harder for more ball speed, improved core stability for better sequencing and breaking of the body parts, hip, torso, arm and hand to put all the energy into the golf club adding up to your outcome of archiving longer and more accurate golf shots!


The lessons will involve Airofit PRO, a smart breathing trainer with adjustable airflow resistance - providing fully guided breathing exercises with live feedback

For golf specifically, we implement a routine that makes you finish a 24-step x 1-minute program every two days before moving to your next level.

What this 3-week study period offers you?

- Feel better through better posture  
- Get stronger through better exhale muscles  
- Get better performance through larger inhale technics  
- Do not get tired as easy through larger lung capacity for longer endurance