Carry Case

Get yourself a hard-shell protective carry case. 

Keep your Airofit safe while it's in your gym bag. The case has an internal net that will keep your trainer from rattling around, as well as ventilation holes to ensure that any moisture has a way to evaporate.

Note: No, the case does not include an Airofit Breathing Trainer.


Airofit is a breathing device developed for the training of the respiratory muscles and in particular, the inspiratory muscles. Airofit is a scientifically proven inspiratory muscle training (IMT) device that can improve your strength and endurance through breathing training. 

Airofit relies on threshold training. This means that you train your breath through resistance. The level of resistance is set to suit your age, gender, size, and physical abilities. It can also be adjusted and set by preference. 


The Airofit system consists of a breathing trainer and app. All personal measurements are transferred in the app, to provide you with training that is fit for your body and lungs. 

The mobile app consists of 16 various tested exercises, training programs, and sessions that offer personal feedback and compliance. All are specifically designed to train your vital lung capacity, respiratory strength, and anaerobic threshold. The mobile app tracks your performance and safely guide you through your training.

Recommendation for training: 
• Perform your inspiratory muscle training in a relaxed seated position
• Train 2-3 times per day, preferably in the morning and in the evening.
• Train for around 5-10 minutes per day
• Focus on 'belly breathing', letting your diaphragm work instead of your chest

What does your purchase include?
• The Airofit device - weighs 45gram, charged via micro USB
• Two mouthpieces, charging cable, quick guide, and a protective bag
• All parts of the breathing trainer, except for the electronic component, can be washed

Remember to download the Airofit app and follow the instructions to get started!