Lisa: Asthma and Breathing Training With Airofit

lisa with airofit
November 28, 2022

While the Airofit breathing trainer might assist with respiratory issues, Airofit is not a medical device nor made for treating illness.

Diagnosed with asthma

Lisa, like many others worldwide, was diagnosed with asthma at a young age. She experienced a terrifying moment as a child when she suddenly couldn’t breathe and required emergency medical attention. Doctors diagnosed her with asthma and prescribed inhalers and lifelong medication. However, during her teenage years, her asthma attacks inexplicably ceased. She no longer needed medication or inhalers, allowing her to remain active, engage in sports, and exercise without reliance on her previous treatment.

lisa playing football

The consequences of a bad flue

Despite being born and raised in Germany, Lisa chose to pursue her psychology studies in the Netherlands, focusing on organizational health and helping people develop healthy habits at work. However, her own health took a sudden downturn while studying in the Netherlands. She fell ill with a severe flu, and unexpectedly, her asthma symptoms resurfaced after years of being asymptomatic.

With only allergy ointment on hand, which provided little relief, she sought help from her general practitioner. She was prescribed two different medications daily and had to keep an emergency inhaler nearby. This turn of events was disheartening, and being reliant on medication for the rest of her life at such a young age was quite a shock. Determined to explore alternative treatment options, she sought a different path.

Lisa’s “aha” moment and finding Airofit


Through online research, Lisa discovered that breathing exercises and respiratory training had the potential to assist with asthma and other conditions, backed by scientific evidence.

But her true “aha” moment was a motorcycle trip up to Norway; from a 40-degree C temperature on the road in the Netherlands, she went to experience a much colder 5 degrees Celsius in Norway. However, when she got closer to “clearer air”, her breathing suddenly improved!

“We got close to the polar circle and the air was so clear that I did not need my inhaler at all, nothing, never. And then I started thinking “ok, how do I get this to my normal level of air”.

Airofit appeared as an asthma solution and a very promising one. And what she thought would be an easy training device, proved to help much more…

In the beginning, her recommended program included a 1-minute exercise and then she thought “too easy, too easy”. But when she actually tried it, 5 minutes in and she was gasping for air!

Consistency was key for Lisa as she trained with Airofit. After a few months, she successfully decreased her reliance on inhalers and rarely needed the emergency one. This alternative relief brought her immense excitement. However, like many others, she also faced the challenges brought about by the global pandemic.

Covid: A small bump in the road

In March 2022, Lisa got Covid and her lungs took a big hit. She went back to using all her inhalers and her breathing got worse and worse. However, once she started feeling a bit better, she could train with Airofit once more; she did not give up her respiratory muscle training and stayed consistent. 

Three months later, the need for medications was again reduced! Now, she hardly ever needs her emergency inhaler and in her own words she is “still reducing the need for it”

“I feel like I don’t need it, it’s just a habit”. “And then you’re not dependant on it anymore, you don’t want to be dependent on those things” – she mentions. 

Her remarkable progress is evident in her average Lung Capacity of 6 liters, occasionally reaching an outstanding capacity of 7.4 liters, compared to her initial capacity of 4.4 liters. Despite her condition and a challenging battle with Covid-19, her commitment to lung health shines through.

Lisa’s favorite breathing exercise sessions

As still a very active person, who exercises regularly and has tried all types of sports, she stays disciplined in her different types of training. Airofit is now the complement to her Kung Fu training, one that she accompanies with some of her favorite sessions from the relaxation module: “Circle” and “Mindfulness”.

And she does not miss one day. Whether it is 5 minutes or 15, Lisa always finds time to work on her lung strength; she is living proof that consistency is key to achieving the results you are looking for.

lisa kung fu training

Lisa is therefore an Airofit example, an inspiration for us to consistently work on bringing better breathing for all. On behalf of the Airofit family: “Thank you Lisa, for being such an amazing Airofitter; we will always support your journey”.