How Breath Training can Benefit a Former Smoker

Quit smoking
October 27, 2021

Lil-Ann’s interest in respiratory muscle training started due to her history as a former smoker. It has been 18 years since she had that last cigarette but deep down, she is well aware of the damage that 40 years of smoking had done to her lungs.

Although she is a very active woman, Lil-Ann knows that smoking for such a long time must have had an awful impact on her body. The truth is that she has been warned about the consequences of smoking for ages, but recovering from 40 years of constant harm can be a very difficult task.

So, Lil-Ann simply knows that she must go the extra mile to work on her well-being. She’s constantly looking for new ways to take care of herself, live a healthier lifestyle, and therefore, show her body the kindness that she took back on the days when she smoked. 

Passion for exercise

The first thing that stands out when you meet Lil-Ann is the sparkle in her eyes when she talks about her love for exercise. Lil-Ann has always been a very active woman; as a teenager, she used to dedicate her free time to handball, a sport she played for more than 30 years.

However, when a back injury forced her to pull herself out of the game, she decided to look for other ways to keep on moving. Like every dedicated sportswoman, she refused to quit. The very persistent Lil-Ann started training twice a week at her local gym. What’s more, she also started sharing her husband’s passion for playing golf, and nowadays, on weekends, they are often found on their favorite golf course. But this sport is not the only way in which they both enjoy spending time together.

Lil-Ann and her lifetime partner love going on long walks with their dog, a very energetic and playful Labrador that gives them a good reason to spend several hours outside when the weather is nice. Other than this, the two of them have an equally important enthusiasm for biking, an activity they especially enjoy during the Summer. 

“From April to September, we go on bike rides every Wednesday with a group of 30 friends.”

With this in mind, it is evident that Lil-Ann’s lifestyle demands all the energy she can get and that therefore, she has to take care of every breath she takes. She wants to continue living the life she loves, enjoying those long walks with her husband and those wonderful bike rides in the Summer. So, in this journey of looking for ways to keep up with her very active days, taking control of her well-being, and of taking her health into her own hands, she found Airofit.

The Airofit journey


“Since I started training with Airofit, I have noticed I am no longer short of breath when I ride my bike, so I know this is good for me!”

As soon as she started training with Airofit, she noticed incredible changes in her energy levels while performing her daily tasks. She could see how fitness training turned into an easy endeavor because she could feel she had more air in her lungs. The daily walks with her husband suddenly became longer and longer and she felt like time had never passed: she was that lively handball player once again.

 But none of that would have been possible without her ongoing discipline in training her respiratory muscles every single day, as soon as she wakes up and starts preparing for the exciting day ahead of her. 

“I use Airofit every day. Sometimes twice a day.”

As she reflects on her Airofit journey, Lil-Ann says that she will continue with breath training for the rest of her life. She emphasizes how she would like to preserve the good health she has always had and to continue shining in her many thrilling hobbies. Lil-Ann’s story is therefore the perfect reminder that there is a benefit behind respiratory training for every generation and that it is never too late to stay a breath ahead and improve your well-being.   

“I will continue training with Airofit every day and I think it will help me, when I get older, to stay as active as I am today.

Airofit is good for everybody, also for the older generations because we limit ourselves if we do not have enough air!”